Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I switch the menu between the android interface and OEM Interface?

A: Android interface To factory interface:

Touch “Car-info” icon on the main menu. 
long press (3 seconds) the “MENU” button on iDrive.

B: Factory interface to Android interface: 

Touch the screen. 
Long press (3 seconds) the “MENU” button on iDrive.

Q. I want the bigger screen but want to use apple carplay with it, is that possible?

A: Yes it is before you add the product to your basket look in the optional extras section for wireless Carplay / android auto dongle. This dongle will enable you apple carplay, you can now have SIRI to read and reply to your messages, set direction on the map, play music, etc all while you phone is safety hidden away.

Q. Should I add apple Carplay / Android Auto to my existing screen or get the big android screen instead?

A: This is up to you but here is some information which can help you make a decision.

The MMI Carplay/Android device is ideal if you are not interested in a bigger screen and want to maintain the OEM look of the car or you are simply not an android fan. The MMI device uses your phone for Maps, sending/replying to text messages, call answering etc. You can also mirror your phone using USB or apple airplay. You can switch between the factory Menu and MMI menu by holding the menu button on your iDrive controller for 3 seconds. 

The Android screen is screen replacement, it replaces your current screen with a bigger screen without losing anything including the old menu and options. The main benefit of this is that you have options to install apps directly from the google playstore. 

You can switch between the original menu and android menu by holding the menu button on your iDrive controller for 3 seconds. 

Q. The iDrive Knob/Controller, steering wheel controls work same as before? Can it work on android menu?

A: Yes, the iDrive and steering wheel controls will continue working the same as before. It work in factory interface, also can work in android menu. Please note, not all apps you install on the screen will work with iDrive controller, this is because android apps are not design to work with iDrive controllers

Q. My car does not have a tyre pressure sensors, can I order one from you?

A: Yes, we can supply you with either an Outer TPMS or Inner TPMS  device, this will work only with the android screen. Contact us for more information. 

Q. My car does not have an iDrive will I need one?

A. If your car does not have an IDrive controller, we can include it for.

Please note: IDrive controller is NOT available for RHD BMW X3 E83 and also BMW E90. We can support you a LHD controller and you can maybe modify it yourself to fit your holder


Q. Is this model plug and play? Do I need to program or code my car? Do I need to buy an external GPS antenna?

A: It is plug and play, no coding needed. We provide everything in the package needed to get everything working as it should. We do recommend using a professional to install the device. We provide full installation services for all our products. We also provide full support and guidance for the install of the item, ranging from install videos, support via messenger, support via phone call, and even support via video call. Our aftercare service is unmatched.

Q. The sound of android head unit work through factory AUX ? Will it play all music and sound through the existing speakers?

A: Yes, your car does need to have a working AUX for this to work with your car. If your car does not have a working AUX, then there is still a easy solution which will involve retrofitting the AUX to your car. Contact us for more details.

If you have a Mercedes Benz, our system can activate aux for you, you DO NOT need an aux cable if out system activate it for you.

Q. I have heard sound quality is bad on these upgrades, is this true?

A: Definitely not true, the sounds quality from our units are excellent. We have one of the best built quality products on the market.  Rest assured, our product is top of the range.

Q. Are things like DAB, Apple Car Play, or Reverse camera etc, included In the unit price?

A: No, unless otherwise stated, these are optional extras which are available to order with the units.

Q. Can I change the speedometer from MPH to KPH

A: Yes you can, you will need to do this in the settings. Please check the guide email to you when you placed the order. Alternatively, do get in contact with us.

Q. Can you provide GPS Maps for navigation?

A: The system comes per installed with maps. however you can install Waze, IGO, Sygic, Navitel, or Google map, etc. 

We recommend installation Offline Maps & Navigation along site your favourite maps, for offline usage.

Q. When using GPS navigation, can i listen the radio/cd/music on the back?

A: Yes, the GPS Navigation and radio/CD/music can work at the same time. You can watch the navigation interface while driving, and enjoy the music/radio on the back at the same time. (The GPS voice signal come from front left speaker, the music/radio come from other speakers.

Q. What is different between the built-in carplay and external carplay? Wireless carplay available ? it support Android Auto ?

Built-in Carplay

The unit has Apple Carplay built into the system which means you do not need the external Carplay Kit.

Wireless Apple CarPlay kit

Connect the dongle to one of the unit USB port, then turn on wifi on your phone to connect to the CarPlay kit wireless. 

External wired Apple CarPlay Kit

This is connected to the system using the unit USB port, once connected you will need to connect your original iPhone cable to the dongle. Compare to the wireless Apple CarPlay, the wired connection is better in signal transmission, because it is wire connection and also free up your IPhone wifi connection.

Q. The price on the site included the shipping cost? And Tax ?

A: Shipping outside the UK, Custom Tax to your country may apply. In this case please check the rates with your countries customs laws.

Q. What if I have problems or questions at any point?

A: Aftercare service is something we are strong one. We cover most timezone so we area always here to assist none UK customers. You can always get us on live chat, either on facebook, instagram, whatsapp or email. We are here to help 7 days a week excluding bank holidays.

If you have any questions you can get to us via messenger, telephone, facebook, instagram or Whatsapp. We will gladly help.

Q. My Car is not on your list, can you make something special for me?

A. You can contact us and we can manufacture something for you. 

Q. Do you sell custom made steering wheels?

A: Yes we do, we can design and make steering for any car regardless of how old it is.

Q. Do I need to pay import tax if I am in EU, U.S.A, Canada or Australia?

A: No, shipping of BMW Android, BMW Carplay screen & MMI to those countries are covered by us. Unfortunately you may be subjected to pay for import tax on Mercedes Android.